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The Marjol Battery Site is the location of a former lead-acid battery recycling facility adjacent to the Lackawanna River in the Borough of Throop, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. Since 1988, the Marjol Battery Site has been the subject of several studies to determine what is needed for a permanent cleanup of the soils and battery casing material that is located at the site.  Cleanup of the surrounding residential areas and site stabilization to eliminate further off-site migration of lead also occurred during this time. Gould Electronics Inc. (Gould) is the current owner of the Marjol Battery site and is responsible for its cleanup. On July 13, 2006, Gould entered into a consent order with US Environmental Protection Agency Region III (USEPA) and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) to perform the permanent cleanup of the site. Advanced GeoServices (AGC) is Gould's technical consultant and design engineer.  All work performed under this Consent Order will be approved and overseen by USEPA, PADEP, and their contractors.  This website provides information on the site cleanup, links to documents and other sources of information and contacts you can use if you have questions or want more details.  



For more information on the Site, please go to the Site Background page or the Summary of Corrective Measures Implementation (CMI) Process page.  For more information on post-construction activities, please go to the Post-Construction Maintenance and Monitoring page. 

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